7 November 2011

I fly a week tomorrow and now at last I feel like I have got everything sorted.  There were a few changes to equipment principally a new cooking stove and GPS.  The GPS has caused me the biggest headache.  I am far from technical and although some lovely people from the Te Araroa facebook page gave me their files with POI (Point of Interests) and Tracks that they had created I was struggling to down load them onto my GPS.  After lots of attempts and some help they are finally on which gives me great peace of mind.

I have rattled my metaphorical tin to help my fundraising with an interview on IOW Radio and the IW County Press.  It is hard to look like a rugged walker on your lunch break in the middle of Newport but we will see what the photograph and article looks like when it is published on Friday!!  Thank you so much to all of you who have sponsored me thus far.


Anonymous said...

all the very best

Sam Brooks said...

It was a great pic! Sorry I didn't get to farewell drinks but I intend to follow you regularly on the blog. Have a fantastic time.