The Charity

Please sponsor me and support a great Island charity The Earl Mountbatten Hospice (EMH). 

My only sister, Maria, sadly died of Cancer on 7th November 2008, in the EMH, at the age of 42.  Maria was diagnosed with Cancer just five months previously and her illness was far uglier, more debilitating and destructive than I could have imagined. 

The last eight days of Maria’s life were spent in the EMH and although it was an immensely sad time the compassion dignity and care given to her and the other members of my family I will never forget.  It seems odd to say but the EMF is a place of hope and light but for some very strange reason it is.  The staff and volunteers were truly amazing.  If Maria hadn't had a room in the Hospice I am sure that those last few, precious, days that we shared with her would have would have been much harder for all us.

The Isle of Wight only has one Hospice.   It cares for over 800 people, at any one time who have been given a life limiting diagnosis.  This includes patients that attend day centres, those that are cared for in the own homes and in patients.  To continue to be able to provide free care they need to raise £2 million per year.

There are so many great causes and charities that are worthy of your cash but the EMH was there for my family at a time of need so I hope to raise lots of money for them so that they can support other families.

Maria was sensitive, vivacious, volatile and had a huge heart – she is greatly missed!

Maria with our Dad