Other Trampers

As far as we know, there where 16 of us who thru-hiked the Te Araroa trail in 2011/12.   We met either on the trail or at the end 7 of the others and had some contact with another 4, through facebook, text or email.  

There were also people who walked one of the Islands and section hikers too.  We felt as if we were part of a small community and were keen to meet and follow the progress of our fellow TA trampers.   

The Te Araroa is a personal journey and people choose their own way to undertake the trail.  Of the 16 of us some decided that if they could they would hitch-hike road margins, others that they would skip some sections, some kayaked on rivers and others walked every footstep even if that meant walking extra distance on roads.  

This is the list of the other 2011/12 thru- trampers and links their blogs.

Paul Adams  - Australian

Kenyan Metford - Australian

'freebird' - American

Charlie Barran  - British / Australian

Flore Lasne and Ludovic Lemoine  - both French

Brad Hankins - American

Brian Tanzman  and Annie Gustafson - both American

Richard Wagner - American

Billy Blohm - American

Kuldeep Nandurkar - Indian

Matt Arbo and Seth Elliot - both American

Rob and Deb
Walked the trail over two seasons.

If I have missed anyone off the list sorry and please let me know.