21 December 2011

Is this spring showers?

New Zealand has had some very heavy rain recently and as we have discovered our expensive waterproof rain coats don't work!! Trails turn into gulleys for the water to gush down and yet again the water just goes over the top of your boots.

It takes a bit of getting use to mornings you have to pack your soggy tent into your soggy back pack ring the water out of our clothes before putting them. With a very limited supply of clothing you have no choice but to wear the wet outfit otherwise we wouldn't have anything dry to wear at the end of the day when we crawl into our sleeping bags. We have had so many wet days along the trail that we don't even blink as we slip into our cold wet clothes!
First night of rain Morepork

Wringing out the water from my shirt before putting it on!

The trail - not a stream

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