21 December 2011

Trail Angels

Wendy & Hugh

Thus far the walk has been amazing and it has been greatly enhanced by all the wonderful people we have met along the way.  We met our first “Trail Angels“ when walking along Woolleys bay about 5pm one afternoon just after the rain had started. Some people called down from the balcony of their beach house and invited us in for a cup of tea. Hugh and Wendy ended up feeding us a lovely meal and putting us up for the night. We had a great evening with them and met up with them again when we walked into Auckland.

People have invited us into their homes, fed us, looked after us and allowed us to sleep in their spare rooms, living rooms, caravans, cabins and garages and given us boat rides across otherwise impassable waterways. The help and support that we have received has made a huge difference and we have both appreciated so much. Thank you to Hugh, Wendy, Paul, Abby, Ella,John, Andrea and everybody who has helped.

The view from Paul's house

John and his two children

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