15 February 2012

National Park

We spent the night in a hostel at National Park where I had the strange experience of someone came up to me and asking if I was Philippa and telling me that they had recognised me from my blog!!  Jack Duckman had set off to attempt the trail but after a while didn't feel that he had the tramping experience to complete it. 

There was a great Foursquare supermarket in National Park where we stocked up with food for the next few 6 days and arranged for a food parcel to be sent to the company that we had hired a canoe from on the Whanganui river.  This way we could carry less weight and would we hoped have a canoe and a food parcel waiting for us at the river when we arrived there!  The owner of the store was lovely and ended up offering to deliver the food parcel for us rather than posting it.

View from National Park

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