13 February 2012

Pureora Forest Park

The rain stopped and the sun came out and everything felt a lot better. Our cut legs didn't feel too bad and the “nappy rash” we both had on the inside of our thighs and bottoms from our wet shorts rubbing stopped getting worse when our shorts dried out. 
Floppy's 'Nappy rash' is getting better
Madeleine's cut legs

Pureora forest is the largest native forest on the North Island. In much better weather we blindly followed a path as advised by a DOC (Department of Conservation) warden and ended up taking a longer route than we should of and reached Mt Weraroa late in the day. We then descended through a steep path through seas of mud rushing as fast as we could to reach the aptly named Bog Inn Hut with about only about 15mins of day light left.

floppy at the summit

Our feet were soaked again from tramping through the bog and the brief moments of sunshine earlier in the day were almost forgotten. Tired it was a relief to reach the hut but can't say that I enjoyed the company of the huge cockroach like things or the mice scampering as I tried to sleep.

The rain began in earnest once again and we debated staying another night with the insects and mice (since they were so friendly) rather than enduring another day of rain. In the end we rang the water out of our socks and set off for eight and a half hour swim (in fact it took us a little less and the rain did abate).

I have to admit I was fed up with the rain and getting more than a little bit grumpy. Poor Madeleine was told in less than uncertain terms to get a wiggle on and that stopping to catch her breath on the up hills was not allowed!!

At Waihaha Hut there were three sixteen year old boys staying on a pig hunting trip. They had far too much cheek, energy and testosterone. Fearing that things might get a little out of hand and in an attempt to keep them in some sort of order I maintained a very sensible and mature attitude but inside I was killing myself with laughter at their antics. 

Waihaha hut

Madeleine scrambling in the rain - again!

The sun came out
Our last day in the Pureora Forest the weather was fine, my spirits were lifted and the magic of the forest was once again visible to me.    


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