20 February 2012

To Havelock

Due to a lack of maps and camping gas we ended up having to hitch hike to Blenheim.  We where fortunate to be picked up by Tom who printed all the maps to Bluff and put us up for the night.  Our good luck continues on the South Island.  Kiwis are GREAT!!

Hitched back to the point where we left the trail and walked into Havelock.  We checked into the Blue Moon Backpackers and enjoyed their fantastic spa.  It was much needed after the huge hill we had just climbed with packs laden with 10 days of food.

On the way to Havelock



Elaine said...

Great to hear you have hit the South Island and the sun has at least put in an appearance - it looked gorgeous! Good luck with the next phase to you both. Those naughtie birds, you will have to be smarter with your smartie hidie holes! I have loved catching up with your photos. Those misty mountains looked magical. Elaine xxx

Helen said...

Thanks for posting all these fantastic photos on my first day back at work - really helping with the post holiday blues. If you need another new pair of boots I can be back out next week!!!!