15 February 2012


Getting closer

and closer

We've made it!!
The approach to Wellington surprised me in how spectacular it was. 

We had a day and a half of lovely walking – no doubt helped by clear skies and sunshine. Our route took us up the hill tops around Wellington and it was within our sight for hours as we inched closer and closer.  It did feel like a huge achievement reaching Wellington.  One Island done, one to go!!

Somehow one day slipped into the next and we ended up spending 6 nights in Wellington and did very little. 

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Elaine said...

Fantastic to read your catch up posts. It sounds like you are having such adventures, well done with the canoe. I can only imagine how lovely it was to get those new boots, we both know just what a treasure Helen is! It sounds like Madeline is like me up hills, she deserves a medal for perseverance. Well done for getting one Island under your belts. Let's hope the South Island is kinder with the weather for you both.

Lots of love

Elaine xxx