15 February 2012

Whanganui river

We set off bobbing down the river quite happily paddling gently.  Then we heard the rush of water and the sight of rocks.  No one told us there were rapids!!  Somehow I knew that you had to head into them and paddle hard.  We got a good soaking but made it through quite relieved.  Then the river was calm again until the next set of rapids that is. 

This time we got stuck on rocks and despite much wiggling couldn’t dislodge the canoe.  The river was fast moving but I gingerly stepped into it and started to push.  Fearing that Madeline and the canoe would be heading downstream and I would be left on the rocks in middle of the river.  Fortunately I managed to jump in to the canoe as soon as it became free.  
The river scenery was beautiful but that evening when we camped in Pipiriki, we both wished that we didn’t have another two days of paddling in front of us.  One day of adventure and using our arms had been quite enough. 

Ohh she looks so happy!!
We became pretty good at canoeing through the rapids and realised that they were our friends as helped us move faster down the river as we had a long way to go.  We paddled hard all day.  Well I did, Madeleine decided that she liked to sit at the back of the canoe and I have no idea how hard she was paddling.

The river became tidal as we neared Whanganui and the tide was against us so the paddling was hard going.  We were only too happy to reach our destination but with hindsight we really enjoyed canoeing the Whanganui.  If we had taken a day longer and relaxed a little more it would have been a delight.    

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