19 March 2012

Off the trail


Having crossed the Rakaia River we are assessed the state of Madeleine's feet and decided that she really needed some time off trail to dry them out and allow them to heal. The sole of her left foot was red, raw and the toes had deep cracks - not how you want to walk. 

Philip my walking pal from the UK had phoned us when we were in Arthur's Pass and told us that he was going to fly out and join us for part of the trail. It was great news. So we hitch-hiked to Christchurch given a lift by Darcy who stopped at his sisters house where we were treated to a traditional maori lunch before he drove us out of the way all the way to Christchurch.

This morning we took a taxi to the airport to surprise Phil, only he wasn't there. What a PLONKER he had given us the wrong day and he is arriving tomorrow - hopefully. So it's another day in Christchurch.  Madeleine's feet are looking much better and my feet are itching to get back to the trail.

So the plan is that we pick up Phil from the airport and get straight to the trail to start walking. I'm sure that's just what he needs after a 30-hour flight! He will appreciate a wash in a stream and a comfortable night in the tent.


Helen said...

Glad you labelled the photo 'medicated' - thought that was what Madeline's foot now looked like!

Elaine said...

Ditto Helen's comment. Hope the break has done all your feet good. Glad you have more company on the way too. keep on tramping!
Elaine x

Linda said...

You'll have a great time with Phil.

Look after those tootsies Madelaine.

Love to you both


snowball12 said...

Hi girls. Gordon here. Great to catch up with your progress on your blog. Good on you for getting across the Rakaia. If you have any more trouble with your feet there is a great product made in Nelson and is sold throughout NZ (mainly in bike shops) called Ready Set Go Anti-chafe. Especially good when getting wet. Put a thin layer over your feet and you will be sweet as, but it is not good for sock odour. Phillipa you will be pleased to know I purchased a Terranova tent, but went for the 2 person. They are available in NZ at a really good price. Keep up the good progress and I am thinking of you.

Mechaela said...

Hello my love hope you having fun glad to know Phill has joined you!! Hope madelines feet have healed? Love you Mechaelaxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Happy belated 40th Floppy. I hope you had a great day. One good thing about NZ and wet feet, you don't have to worry about wriggles getting in. Keep going all our love Craig and Jo.

GordonM said...

Hi girls on the move! Kenyon's brother here (in Sydney), just updating you on his whereabouts.

Kenyon is here: http://fms.ws/7Qr_L/44.15883S/170.22067E

If the above link does not work, try this link:

If you don't have ease of access to the above links, he set up camp on the south-east end of Lake Pukaki (Wednesday eve 28th March). In the Pine Trees - hiding from the grizzly bears which were introduced into New Zealand a couple of years back! Please be careful!

I have been in contact with Gordon and Sharon who hiked with Kenyon in the Richmond Ranges. I'm hoping you'll get to hike with Kenyon soon as he does enjoy company on trail. I'll be heading over from Sydney to meet Kenyon in Queenstown - just a few days from now.

Well done on your Rakaia crossing. Kenyon enjoyed his crossing as it saved him a massive detour.

You have a nice site with some fantastic photos of your trail to date. Great to see! Sorry to hear about your sister Maria.

Hope the feet are holding up!

Chat soon.

Gordon (the other Gordon) :)