6 April 2012

Clearwater Track - heading to Rangitata river

It was obvious that the weather was on the change and I really really wanted to walk across the next big river, the Rangitata.  So I was pushing hard and in the hope that we would be able to get across before the rain I feared made it dangerous.

On our final approach to the river the sky was heavy.  Everyone was in a bad mood, mostly thanks to me and having walked 42kms we we walked across the river bed only to decide that it was too risky. The wind was up and a storm was brewing.   We returned to the bank to camp and made a temporary repair on Madeleine's tent. 

In the morning the mountains were beautiful with a dusting of snow. 

Sadly, our only option was to hitch around to the south bank of the river.  We didn't know how much rain had fallen and how the water level had risen.  Although I was disappointed and think that Madeleine and Phil were rather pleased to have a day off from walking.

It was in fact a fun day, getting lifts from lots of really nice and interesting people.  We also hit a couple of places of civilisation where we were able to buy some non dried food to eat!!  By the evening we were back on trail..

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