6 April 2012

Getting back to the trail

After meeting Phil at the airport we set off hitch-hiking to get back to the trail on the South side of the Rakaia River.  We knew it wouldn't be too easy as our starting point was down a dead end dirt road so we were just trying to get as close as we could.  In three rides we were part way down our dirt road we walked for a few miles and then camped for the night.  Welcome to New Zealand Phil!
 In the morning we continued walking along the road and shortly afterwards heard vehicles.  It was three pick up trucks loaded to bursting point.  The guys stopped and and I think they thought we were mad so somehow they managed to strap on our bags.  Madeleine and I were squashed into the cab of one pick up it was so cosy that Madeline had to change the gears as we drove.  The only room for Phil was to balance on a quad bike strapped to the back of one of the vehicles!!  H&S New Zealand style.

John Mac Dougal - driver of our convoy

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