12 April 2012

Into Arrowtown and Queenstown

Big Hill track was as its name suggests, a big hill from where we made our way to Arrowtown.  Arrowtown is a former gold mining town which now makes its money from tourists.  It is very cute and I could have easily spend another day there wondering from cafe to cafe but we just spent the one night.  Queenstown was calling. 

Wet feet AGAIN!

Lunch spot


For ages we have looked at Queenstown on the map and it always looked so very far away - now we finally arrived surely it can't be far to Bluff???

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

We manged to get Madeleine's tent pole repaired today and to our amazement we were asked to pay in beer, which we did.  I won't say which outdoor store it was that the guy worked in but I am sure his head office aren't aware that payment is accepted in cash, credit card and beer!

Tomorrow Madeline and I will continue south.   Phil will stay a little longer in Queenstown and have a couple of weeks to travel around New Zealand.  It has been great to have his company - I think it gave us both a lift at a time when we were tired.


Helen said...

You've mad it to Queenstown - wow! Avoid the bungy jumping and other extreme sports, think you're having more than enough excitement on the trail.

Elaine said...

Fantastic autumn colours there. Guessing it is more chilly as the hats are out. Keep going - you are doing great!

Good to get your e mail today!

Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Loving reading your diary and your photos of Arrowtown have brought back memories of our trip there 4 years ago practically to the day :-)Enjoy the rest of your trip down south. Suzanne, Cowes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Floppy Queenstown is gorgeous isn't it but agree with Helen - no bungie junping...

Your postcard arrived yesterday thank you but amazed you had energy to do anything extra!

Take care Em xx

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