24 April 2012

Mavora Walkway

We then walked a section the Greenstone trail which oddly enough I had walked on my last visit to New Zealand 20 years before!

It never fails to amaze me how small New Zealand is. At the Greenstone hut we spent a night with a couple, he worked in an outdoor store in Auckland and had sold Madeleine's tent to her; his wife was a nurse and worked with Ella a lovely lady who had put us up for a night on the North Island.

As we approached the Marora Lakes the weather was moody and the light most unusual, couldn't capture it on my tiny camera.

There was some great signage on the Mararoa River Track.  It could you the false impression that there was any sort of ground trail - there wasn't we just had to battle our way through scrub and bogs and at seemly random moments when desperation was about to strike there would be an orange marker. 

When we reached Princhester road we hitch-hiked to the small town of Te Anau where we had a had a half day of rest and resupplied.  It was our last BIG shop of the trail, an eight day stretch would take us to take us to the south coast.

Strolling through along the Greenstone track

Lovely lunch spot - shame about the sandflies!

Rolling under the fence

Mavora Lakes

Mavora Lakes

The signage looked as though there would be a path to follow!

The last big resupply

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Linda said...

Wow! the end is in site. Enjoy the last stretch girls.