24 April 2012

Onwards to Colac Bay & Riverton

During the next two and a half days we walked across farmland, through more forests and occasionally on minor roads or farm tracks.

The friendliness of the Kiwi people is, as ever, outstanding and although we saw few people at least three vehicles stopped and their occupants asked where we were walking from and how far we had come.

We emerged this  morning from the forest and made our way to Colac Bay our first real point of civilisation in 8 days.  Although the Colac Bay Tavern didn't officially open for a couple of hours the owners Jilly and Wazzer welcomed us in.

Bluff is famous for its oysters and Wazzer insisted that I tried one....  I did, then had to sit motionless for the fear that i wouldn't be able to keep it down.  It is the first and last oyster I will eat in my lifetime!  Thanks for the experience Wazzer.

After a rest we walked on along the beach to the small town of Riverton.  I walked into the hostel and a total stranger said to me "You are doing the Te Araroa, I've read your blog"!! 

We are now just two days from Bluff.  I have mixed feelings about finishing the trail although excited to complete the 'mission' I will also be very sad that the adventure that the Te Araroa has been, for the last five months, has drawn to an end. 

If the weather forecast is good for the next few days we will probably have a rest day tomorrow and so our anticipated arrival date at Bluff will be the afternoon of Friday 27th.

A nice steep climb for Madeleine!!

A very lumpy camp site

That is Bluff in the distance

The last hill
The last hut - Martin's Hut

The last camp site

Sunrise - Ohh and I think it's Bluff peaking in the distance!



Helen said...

We'll crack open a can of L&P and drink to your success (and sore feet). From what you've said about people you've come across who have read your blog you're just like L&P - world famous in New Zealand!!

Elaine said...

Wonderful to literally be able to see the end in sight. I can't believe we have been following you for 5 months. I think I just worked out mid afternoon your time on Friday will be aboout 4 am here, so if I raise a toast it may have to be a very early morning peppermint tea! Stay safe and savour those last moments, you girls have done brilliantly!!! Elaine x

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys!!! I LOVED hiking with you both on the S.I. I'm off to Canada in a couple weeks to hike the Continental Divide thru the Rockies to Mexico.

Happy Trails, freebird