31 December 2011

Back on the trail

The view from Mt. Eden
When I put on my pack again it felt heavy, uncomfortable and I struggled. In Auckland I had indulged my body and feet with moisturiser and now my boots started to rub my soft feet. Wendy and Hugh had invited Madeline, her family and I for Christmas lunch so I didn't have to travel too many miles as I needed to hitch back only two days after leaving. The first day I walked up and over Mt. Eden and One Tree Hill with lovely views of the city and camped in Ambury park. Where I met Mary, her husband Gunter and Matt together we laughed the night away. 

Ambury Park


The following day I slowly plodded on to the Botanical Gardens. I pulled out my maps and was just working out which would be a good road to get a lift on back to the other side of Auckland when someone asked if they could help me. Errol put me up for the night and drove me to my destination on Christmas morning.

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