20 December 2011

Maybe the GPS will become my friend after all

Raetea forest has a bit of a reputation and a few have been defeated by it. The vegetation is dense, the topography steep and the path slippery and it winds and twits to disorientate you. In an effort to ensure that we didn't get lost I kept checking the map and compass regularly.

At Raetea summit the path didn’t exactly comply with the map and compass but it was an obvious trail so we headed on regardless. After descending steeply for some time I pulled out the little understood GPS.... It revealed that we where off route (not quite the same as being lost I would like to point out!). We were heading north instead of East! The situation could be rescued by climbing back up a very steep muddy slope or I worked out continuing North which would bring us to a road some miles from out intended destination and we could road walk to rejoin our intended route. We opted for the later and and for the first time I found the value of carrying the GPS.

Lessons learned: ignoring the compass isn't such a good idea, GPS can be pretty useful ( we have used it every day since) and being lost and being off route isn't the same thing!!

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Elaine said...

Good to have your update, we have been thinking of you. Sounds like things are going well and so glad you have company still!

Take care and hope you manage to find a nice way to celebrate Christmas.

Elaine xxx