18 January 2012

Back on the trail again - well almost!

After waving goodbye to the Linke family we set off on the trail only it was no where to found!! At times the Te Araroa trail is well signed marked and more recently it has been. There were a few of our orange markers leading us across some fields and then they just disappeared. With the GPS I could locate where the trail should be and indeed there was a path that a rabbit could have followed and we tried climbing up banks through gorse bushes (the normal way to relocate the trail) and apart from a lot of spikes we found nothing. We tried for sometime until eventually giving up and heading to the road to walk to Te Kuiti.

We knew the next leg of journey wouldn't involver passing any food supplies for a week so we stocked up and the weight of our packs was crippling!

We set off in the rain from Te Kuiti...


Linda said...

Glad to hear that you are still alive and that you have company again. Not so good news about the blisters!

Just had a look on the map and can't belive how far you have to go. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love



Mike said...

Philippa, you kept stressing how difficult the path would be to find before you left.....but you also talked about whether you'd be able to learn how to use the GPS correctly...so which is it? But seriously good to hear you're still going strong.

sara said...

Hi Phillipa,

glad to hear you are still going strong, the photos look fantastic. Sounds like you are enjoying it and not scared at all.

All the best


Phil Payne said...

That gps is earning it's keep i reckon ; it's horrible repeatedly losing the trail especially when your trying to get to the next bit , or food , or in my case the chance of beer. Well you're still going strong which is great ... keep an eye out for goblins and trolls and .... also remember what Ozzy Osbourne said "Fairies wear boots ... i saw it i saw it i tell you no lie".... X

Helen said...

Don't spend that money you are being paid for walking with Madeline - you owe it to me for my airfare for bringing out your new boots!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad that you caught up with Madeleine again always good to have company. Hope the blisters heal. We are loving the blog & hearing about your adventures & you have taken some great photos.
Take care & we will wait for your next update.

Alan said...

Glad to know your`e still going strong.
Hurry back to keep-fit we need the numbers!!
Hope the blisters heal up soon.

Mechaela said...

Hello lovely hope you are well the photographs are fantastic! With love the Betts clanxxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself - even the muddy and wet bits. I love the photos, they are fantastic. Hope the blisters heal soon.