18 January 2012

Waitomo Village

This small village is tourist destination with people coming here to see the the caves and glow worms. There is just one camp site and as I was putting up my tent I hear the cry of Morepork! Morpork! This is the call of New Zealand's only native owl which when camping in the bush is the sound I fall asleep to. It seemed a little odd as it was only about 4pm. I looked up to see Madeleine running towards me.

Having had the unpleasant experience of having their camper van broken into Madeleine and her parents decided that it was perhaps a better idea if we reunited to finish the Te Araroa.

Although, I had been surprisingly content walking alone I think that it is far safer and better for ones motivation and sanity to walk with someone. Madeline is good company, plucky and courageous impressive qualities in a 19 year old – she was a lucky find that first day on the beach.

Well that is one version of the story the other is that her Dad paid me a lot of money!!! That 2,000 Euros that she thinks was stolen from her credit card is is just the first down payment – hee hee.

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Elaine said...

Glad you have found Madeline again, good to know you have companionship. Hope trench foot is not setting in! Should we send an emergency parcel of Compeeds I wonder? Hope the new boots catch up with you!

Hope the adventure is better than you dreamed, the forest sounded amazing!

We miss you!