18 January 2012

Pirongia Mountain

Although it was late when I arrived at the start of the Pirongia Mountain trail I decided to press on to the Department of Conservation (DOC) camp site as I thought that there might be some other campers. Who was I kidding the place was deserted – you just don't see anyone on the trails!

A campsite for one!

I camped the night woke up to rain and was trying to work out how to patch up my feet with my three remaining plasters and one Compeed (posh blister plaster) when an older Kiwi couple walked passed on a morning stroll. I almost jumped out of my skin. They asked me why I was still in my tent and I told them about my blisters for my good luck they had a new packet of Compeeds which I brought from them!! With my feet adequately patched up I packed up and set off.

The trail was steep but beautiful. I swear if there are fairies they live in the forests of New Zealand. They are enchanting with moss and ferns everywhere. The rain somehow just brings them to life and they are lush and vibrant.

Alas the summit was in cloud so there were no views but the forest had been worth the climb. I made it to Pahautea Hut with enough time to walk on but decided to stay the night in the hut in the company of of some Kiwi guys who where out hunting. I hope that is why they were carrying the huge knives that they were!!
My first NZ hut with a young hunter

Boardwalk trail
It could be said that the path down was a little muddy. It got to the stage that it was over the top of both my boots and my feet were squidgy – nice! It was far worse that this picture shows.

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Phil Payne said...

The fairies sound wonderful flops and now they have the queen of the pixies to dance for them. Oh dear blisters ... I'm not used to you having blisters it's normally me. I guess that weeks and weeks of walking must take it's toll. The mud sounds great I like mud did it help the feet. I've read all you posts and it really does sound fantastic. Best regards Phil.