15 February 2012

New Boots and Helen

My boots were trashed after all the walking and I badly needed a new pair.  It is surprisingly difficult and very expensive to get the walking boots I wanted in New Zealand.  Back in Hamilton I had tried to replace them but was unable to and then on the morning I was leaving I woke up with a sudden thought.  Helen was coming to New Zealand on holiday it was big ask but could she bring a pair out to me?  I fired off a quick email to see what she thought.  About a day later I got a text message just saying “I have got your boots”.

Anyone who knows Helen knows what a great person she is and that she is also calm, capable and that she just gets stuff done with a minimum of fuss.

As Madeleine and I walked back into Palmy I got a text message from Helen.  By some strange coincidence she was staying on the same street as we were walking along.  We had a fantastic evening with Helen and David.  It was SO good to see them.   I can’t express how grateful I am for all the effort they went to meet me and deliver the boots, which have been great – not a single blister.  Thanks Helen you are a super star!

Helen hands over the boots

New & old boots

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