29 February 2012

Richmond Alpine track

Our next track led straight on from the previous one.  At first following another river which we had to keep crossing and recrossing it became almost a joke.  Your feet just can't get any wetter.

We then started to climb up into the Richmond ranges.  At the end of a long day we made it to the Starveall Hut emerging from the trees to quaint hut with beautiful views in all directions.  
Starveall Hut

Sunset Starveall Hut

Walking on from  Starveall Hut

On top of the world!
Sadly on the morning of the second day of the Richmond track my camera battery went flat and we have no other pictures.  It is such a shame as this section was one of the most scenic and the terrain we covered was amazing!!  I remember the views but alas I can't share them with you.

We climbed to the summit of Mt Rintoul (1731 meters) and then descended steeply on scree.  It was hell on my knees but we then climbed Purple Top and the view back to Mt. Rintoul showing our route down and Rintoul Hut was one of my favourite views of the trail.  I sat there waiting for Madeleine soaking up the view and then the clouds came down and my view could be seen no longer.

We walked another section which our trip notes said "some trampers will find this section challenging".  It was great for hours we followed a track along what I think was the most beautiful river yet.  The path was one footstep wide often with a drop to the side and sometimes involved balancing on your toes to feel your way around a huge bolder that needed to be passed.  The river was an almost unreal colour and there were amazing turquoise pools with lots of waterfalls.  At one point into the neck of a three tier waterfall with the water gushing - it was made and your certainly wanted to be sure of your footings.  One slip and it was a long way down!


Elaine said...

Great to hear your latest installment. Shame the wet weather and river crossings continue, but it sounds like you are bearing up well. Hoping the sun shines for you as much as possible. Elaine x

Helen said...

Don't worry, you can take some more photos when you do it next time!!!!!!!

Phil Payne said...

Keep on a troshin ... as they say in naaahrich ... I rang your Mum tonight because I was wondering about possibly flying out to join you in a week or so ... flying into Christchurch and then walk for a couple of weeks or maybe longer ... if you'd like that and Madelaine didn't mind. Keep going.

Helen said...

Phil - Hopefully you've managed to get Philippa's NZ mobile no. to get in touch with her but if not I can let you have it. Take chocolate and I'm sure Madeline will welcome you with open arms!

Anonymous said...

Keep going Floppy, funny enough I remember the rain from when I was a kid living in NZ - I don't remember it raining that much though! Think you are amazing and love the blog! Emma x