19 March 2012

Deception Valley

We had been warned by Charlie, another tramper that he found the Deception Valley the toughest part of the whole trail.  So with some in-trepidation we set off.  However, as it forms part of the Coast 2 Coast race how hard could it be?  The Coast 2 Coast is an adventure race held annually in which very fit competitors race from one side of the country to the other with a combination of cycling, running and kayaking.  The running section is Deception Valley. 

Having walked the Valley I would love to see the race.  We picked our way up an unmarked valley scrambling over rocks and boulders and crossing the river numerous times sometimes in thigh deep water.  The winners of the Coast to Coast take just three hours to cover the same ground!!

Can you see the path?  Nor could we...

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