8 March 2012

Waiau Pass Track - Nelson lakes

Having seen no one throughout the Richmound Track it was a pleasant surprise to have fellow trampers on the next trail.  The three of us laughed as we left St Arnaud that this was the easiest track on the Te Araroa so far (we spoke too soon).

Lovely easy path

It was a beautiful and easy first day.  At the Lakehead Hut where we slept the first night the warden warned us that bad weather was forecast.
the following day we arrived at Upper Travers Hut in the drizzle.  That night the winds picked up and we found ourselves in a snow storm.  The following day there were still strong winds and higher up the mountains where we were heading it was obvious that a lot of snow had settled.  We decided that we were best to stay put and hid in the hut in our sleeping bags as we didn't have much dry wood for the fire.

Later in the afternoon a helicopter landed at the hut looking for an Anthony from Auckland who had activated a Personal Beacon and was in need of being rescued!
The hut was just out of the snow line.

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