22 December 2011


We walked into Auckland after 30 days of walking it felt great to finally get back to our starting point.

There are so many details that I just don't have the time to write about the first section of the trail has been a real adventure. Madeleine has departed to spend two weeks with her family so I will now be setting off alone.


Helen said...

The Cowes dining circle just wasn't the same without you! Good luck for the next leg of the adventure.
Helen and Jacky

Elaine said...

Great to catch up on your adventures. Can't believe you have already been walking for 30 days! Shame you have lost your companion though.

We got your postcard and missed you at our Christmas party today!

Hope the next stage is kind to you.

Elaine xxx

Mike said...

All looks fantastic....if a little wet in places.....certainly rather be doing the walk than working....if I could lose more hair I would be!

Have a very happy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas Floppy and a safe & healthy new year.
Julie Julie x

Anonymous said...

Love the blog and following your adventures Floppy. Take care walking on you own for the next stage.
Happy christmas,
Em xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Floppy, wow 30 days already, glad it is you and not me!!!! Love hearing about your journey. Hope you have a great Xmas and stay safe on your travels.

Hi Floppy, great to hear of your NZ adventure makes Africa sound like a Sunday Picnic. Can't wait to hear about your next adventures. Watch out for those NZ drop bears.

Mechaela said...

Christmas wishes being sent your way!! Take care pip all the Betts clanxxxxxxxxxxxx

Phil Payne said...

Hello Flops, really enjoying your blog and think the walk is fantastic, wish I was there. Have a great Christmas and new year. loved the mango swamp pictures muddy feet ... you look really happy. I'm off to Atlas mountains in mid feb after work finishes ... remember our trip down from minichi ... love Phil.

Elaine said...

Just t wish you a happy Christmas - hope you are doing something nice today!
Elaine xxx

Sara said...

Hi Phillipa,

All looks grand, if a little scary. Tiny bit jealous too, are you finding it as scary as you thought? Hope the pants and the boots are holding out
Love Sara

Madeleine Linke said...

But I'll be back, scouty!

Ross said...

Hi Philippa,

Hope you had a good Christmas. We would love to do an update on your progress, would you be able to e-mail me and let me know how you are getting on?

Ross - Country Press


Clint Eastwood said...

Watto Flops......hope all well...bit damp for the river bits...Madeleine re joining will help.........specially as she quite tall...that will help with the navigation...notice compression bandage on left knee..hope thats not playing up...look foward to update..take care..Clint X